Server Information

Cap 100 Exp x20
Party Exp: x25 Gold drop x1.25
Drop SOX: x3 Alchemy x2
Job Rates x3 PC Limit 3
FGW Enabled FW PC Limit 1





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Welcome to Taurus Online

We are proud to welcome you to Taurus Online. The most sophisticated server around, using the best server build, offering you the very stable, balanced, and enjoyable Silkroad online experience players can get. It’s old school, the way it should’ve always been, as we all dreamed about for years... Taurus Online is also very much gold based, therefore players will value gold they have a bit more, and will be that much more scared to lose it, or waste it. Gold rates are low, and majority of things depend on it. With slight changes, a lot of balancing, and even more fixing and repairing of many features that never work on any other servers, Taurus Online makes up for everything that Joymax failed in, and eventually completely wasted the potential of Silkroad Online. We are looking forward seeing you on the server, good luck !


before server continues.

Fortress war issues

Posted on 22/04 by [GM]Drogon

A lot of the players had problems with game logging because of the IP -> PC Limit change.
For that reason they couldn't join the fortres war.
We have changed back to IP Limit right now until we fix those issues so the players will be able to login the game.
We are very sorry for that, all the players will be rewarded for that ( and we didn't forget the bad opening reward ).

First update changelogs

Posted on 13/04 by [GM]Drogon

Today ( 13/04 ) we've made the first update after the reopen.
In this update we've fixed bugs, updated things and added new things.
Please click the "Read More" button to see the changelogs.

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Server will be opened at 10 AM, server time.

Posted on 10/04 by [GM]Drogon

After a long night, we can finally say that server is absolutely ready for opening.
We will open the server at 10 AM server time, you can also take a look on the timer which aims to 10 AM.
We haven't decided about reward yet, we will think about a fair reward in the incoming days.

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Sorry for a bad start, opening will be dealyed a bit

Posted on 09/04 by [GM]Aces

Hello players, It has been brought to our attention the server stability needs to be fixed and behalf of the Taurus team we are sorry to start you off this way. We will close the server for fixing the problems and open again when we have resolved this issue.
We're really sorry, please follow the the website posts and stay calm, all the palyers will get rewarded.

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Pay attention: client which is downloaded earlier than 06/04 is not valid!

Posted on 08/04 by [GM]Aces

All the clients which downloaded earlier than 06/04 are not valid!
Old players have to redownload the client for playing properly.
All the client links have been updated, please visit the downloads page.

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First 50 players to reach level 100 get silk!

Posted on 07/04 by [GM]Drogon

As you all know, server will be opened at sunday, 09/04 - 3PM Server time and we would like to start it with a nice event.
The first 10 Players to reach level 100 get 100 silk.
The first 25 players to reach level 100 get 75 silk and the rest ( which means 25-50 ) receive 50 silk. Good Lucky everyone :)

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Server will be reopened, epvp thread is out, downloads are available now.

Posted on 06/04 by [GM]Drogon

Vote results were absolutely for the re-open option, server will be re-opened.
You can find all the information you need at Elitepvpers thread,
also now you can download our new client which is belong to the new reopening from the downloads page.
If you donated for silk on the first opening, you can get them back but you will have to wait, visit here.

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Server reopen voting, very important, please read it carefully.

Posted on 04/01 by [GM]Drogon

In the recent days we have fixed dozens of bugs, tested our systems and added new things.
We believe that the server and its current features may attract hundreds and thousands of players to the server.
Please click the "Read More" button to keep reading, Taurus might re-opened and all of the data will be deleted.

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Server Trailer

"Taurus Online Offical Trailer"

Made by wiNt

Top players

Rank Name Level Guild
1 pax 100 None
2 Test 100 None
3 [EventBot] 100 TaurusOnline
4 xXiDie4YouXx 100 ScourgeOfGod
5 To4kaY 100 None
6 Fox 100 NobleDynasty
7 4EverAlone 100 NobleDynasty
8 CrankyBiene 100 ScourgeOfGod
9 Vans 100 GlobalFamily
10 TheWizz 100 None