Server Information

Cap 100 Exp x20
Party Exp: x25 Gold drop x1.25
Drop SOX: x3 Alchemy x2
Job Rates x3 PC Limit 3
FGW Enabled FW PC Limit 1





Last Globals : Egy_Nero: "anyone here ?"

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- PC Limit has been fixed, from now on the 3 accounts limit will be per pc and not per ip.
- Gold and Silk Dealers NPCS have been moved to samarkand, around the storage.
- Alchemy bug have been fixed.
- All items which were higher than plus 5, are now plus 5.

- 30 Weapon/Protector Elixirs have been added to your characters as compensation for the alchemy bug, it's not the whole compensation for it, we're wokring on a good system which gives a fair compensation.

- Ong mobs are now dropping china and euro drops as well.
- Instant disconnect when global is apeear have been fixed.
- Mobs spawn rate have been increased.
- Premium plus was edited, visual change will be done later.
- Auto Events system has been fixed.
- Online players page has been added, we're still working on it's delay.


before server continues.

Server Trailer

"Taurus Online Offical Trailer"

Made by wiNt

Top players

Rank Name Level Guild
1 pax 100 None
2 Test 100 None
3 [EventBot] 100 TaurusOnline
4 xXiDie4YouXx 100 ScourgeOfGod
5 To4kaY 100 None
6 Fox 100 NobleDynasty
7 4EverAlone 100 NobleDynasty
8 CrankyBiene 100 ScourgeOfGod
9 Vans 100 GlobalFamily
10 TheWizz 100 None