Server Information

Cap 100 Exp x20
Party Exp: x25 Gold drop x1.25
Drop SOX: x3 Alchemy x2
Job Rates x3 PC Limit 3
FGW Enabled FW PC Limit 1





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Frequently asked questions

all of our silk(s) reward systems is working automatically, you should receive your silks instantly upon cleared payment/action. if, by any reason, you do not receive your silks instantly, please open a support ticket or contact us.
The answer is NO, the one & only product available is silk(s) for purchase, you cannot get any other in-game item/currency.
This is a fair game-play..
Chargeback is a clear violation of our ToS & the result is an automatic permanent ban, furthermore, all of your associated connections to other charchters will be aswell examined for this kind of penalty.
Why does it happen?
we simply cannot take back the silks from your account because they are already lost in the game, also it wont be fair towards other players.
It doesn't mean that we will give up on paypal cases, we will try to win every dispute that will open against us.
The fortress war occurs once a week, Saturday, 20:00pm (Server Time).
Fortress registeration time is everyday between 12:00-00:00.
Please, note you can check the server time in our website, & verify you dont get mixed up with time conversions.
We are always here to keep the game alive, if the majority of the players would see fit that they maximized the mostr of the game-play.
we will update our server, however, our game-play is designed for the long-run and that should happen later on!
Keep in mind that the players decide the future of the game!
No, in , currently there is no job penalty.
However, that may change anytime on players will.
if the system does not automatically teleports you, please do it so, to apply changes.
No, in , there is no job penalty.
However, that may change anytime on players will.
You can get free silk(s) in several ways, you can find more information about it in "Game Features" page,
Dont even try to ask free items from the management team, if you will invoke one of our stuff theyre entitled to punish you as they see fit, be aware, you have been warned.
all spots probability ratios are the samed across all over the map mobs, there is no "lucky spots"
Yes, botting is currently allowed in our server.
However, that may change anytime on players will.
Please note: Other 3rd-party programs other then bots are NOT allowed such as: automated actions tools/stallers/spammers, keep in mind we monitor this kind of behavoir constantly and you will be banned for their use.


before server continues.

Server Trailer

"Taurus Online Offical Trailer"

Made by wiNt

Top players

Rank Name Level Guild
1 pax 100 None
2 Test 100 None
3 [EventBot] 100 TaurusOnline
4 xXiDie4YouXx 100 ScourgeOfGod
5 To4kaY 100 None
6 Fox 100 NobleDynasty
7 4EverAlone 100 NobleDynasty
8 CrankyBiene 100 ScourgeOfGod
9 Vans 100 GlobalFamily
10 TheWizz 100 None