Server Information

Cap 100 Exp x20
Party Exp: x25 Gold drop x1.25
Drop SOX: x3 Alchemy x2
Job Rates x3 PC Limit 3
FGW Enabled FW PC Limit 1





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Receive silk back.

Ffor preventing a situation in which players will start with more than 30k silk at relaunch, we have developed a special system which makes everyone happy.
The first server opening was on February 25, a bit more than a month from now.
Our system calculates the delay between your donations and the first server opening time.
This delay will be added to the re-open time and you will be able to get the silk at this date.
Let's say for example you bought silk on the 28th February and reopen was at the 10th of april.
28th Feb - 25th Feb = 3 Days.
3 Days + 25th March = 28th March.
28th March will be the new date in which you will receive the silk that you bought before.


before server continues.

Server Trailer

"Taurus Online Offical Trailer"

Made by wiNt

Top players

Rank Name Level Guild
1 pax 100 None
2 Test 100 None
3 [EventBot] 100 TaurusOnline
4 xXiDie4YouXx 100 ScourgeOfGod
5 To4kaY 100 None
6 Fox 100 NobleDynasty
7 4EverAlone 100 NobleDynasty
8 CrankyBiene 100 ScourgeOfGod
9 Vans 100 GlobalFamily
10 TheWizz 100 None